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  • James

    Hello there, how are you doing?
    I recently came across your store through Shopify listing and I have some recommendations to give you in order to have a converting store and also stand out among competitors, I really admire the work you’re doing with your company. You have some beautiful products and a great niche market. However, I think you’re missing a few key things that could help you boost sales and bring in more revenue.
    I understand you’re busy, but would it be possible to chat for a few minutes about how to make your website more responsive and get high conv
    Can we talk better?
    Kindly reach out to me via my contact info
    Gmail:- jamesshopify81@gmail.com
    Whatsapp:- wa.me/2347047937223
    Fiverr: fiverr.com/danieldaniella
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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